Motivation to stay healthy

I have struggled for few weeks now for my motivation.

I have felt awful inside my body and all my body functions have been stuck. I have been tired. And my muscles have been sour after training. And now I’m having a flu.

So what did I do wrong? I had lost my self-control and body control. I have been eating what ever and when ever. And also, yes, I have had alcohol more than normal. I have forgotten my motivation and my goals. Last three-two months have been quite unusual to me. But overall, it has opened my eyes.

Okay, I noticed the problem, so I have to work for that.

My life has been very controlled last three years. First it was a method to go away from the shit in my life in that stage. But after some time I noticed that when I had regular rhythm in my day, I ate five times a day, I slept eight hours a night and I moved my self more than four times a week, my body and mind was feeling grate. I needed that kind of self-control. It helped me in my struggles.

Last week actually has shown me and made me think of my life and my feelings. I have had lots and lots of feelings lately, in my body and in my mind. I have felt so unsecured but on the other hand I have felt safety too. I think finally, at this age, I’m finding and discovering my self. I can be complete person.

I have founded new places from my heart. And piece by piece, I can appreciate my self also.

So, my biggest struggles are behind and I’m so happy for this moment. And I believe in the future. But if I want the future to be true, I need to focus for my health, so I can be happy in the future too.

So, after these thoughts, I think I found my motivation again. I have to stay who I really am, so I can be complete person. I want to stay healthy so I have the strength to be who I am, and so I can be whit the people who needs me and appreciate me as I am. I can be complete whit the people I love.

My friends and family ❤

Do you have related thoughts? Think, what is your motivation?










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